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I have three kids who range in age from 10 to 3. I love decorating and having nice things in my home. But it is a home. I want my kids to feel comfortable. It also seems like anything I LOVE they find a way to break. Sometimes it’s the Anthro vase that got hit by a football, sometimes it’s the huge vase that I found broken and hiding in the closet, no one has fessed up to that one yet, LOL!

I think it is why I enjoy painting so much. It’s durable, adds a punch of color and gives personality to a home. Here in Houston most of our homes are mass produced and what you do with your home is what makes it unique. After being very busy for most of the spring I decided to take a little time and do two things that I had been wanting to do in my home. I had a white high gloss mantle. It served its purpose but didn’t speak to me. While looking for a “greyish” color for a client I found “aged smoke”. It immediately spoke to me. It’s a metallic without being shiny. Amazing what they can do with creating paint!




After, aged smoke mantle

After, aged smoke mantle

My second project was painting my pantry door. My husband has been wanting me to do this for ages. We love blue, turquoise, color. I do try to keep the large items and most of the walls in my home neutral. I read in “Young House Love” to always have something unexpected in a room. This is my motto. Here is my unexpected!


The color is a custom color made out of necessity. I didn’t have enough paint of the color I wanted to use so I mixed a few colors I had on hand to get as close to the original color as I could. I think it came out pretty well.


It would make my day if you would leave me a comment about my projects. Make sure to always make your home your own!




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