Bathroom and Mantle makeover

It’s been a while since I posted. So excited because that means I’ve been busy. I wanted to share one of my recent projects. When I grew up my parents built many houses and they picked out everything. They picked out the door knobs, the fixtures, EVERYTHING! I can remember my mom making the comment that it was very overwhelming.
Here in the Houston suburbs we don’t have to worry about the headache of picking everything out. Instead we get to deal with the boringness (oh yea just made that word up) of the dreaded BUILDER GRADE! Most bathrooms are stark white MDF. One of my very favorite projects to take on is giving them some character. The homeowner chose an off white color with a medium glaze for her finish.

I always get ahead of myself for the before picture. This one was taken after I took the door off. I love the dimension that the after has. It’s hand painted and a look that a factory can’t duplicate. Here is a shot of the master bath:

The cabinets had a few flaws that I was able to fix and I hope she enjoys her new cabinets. While I was there she gave me the greatest compliment by asking me to do her mantle to match as well!

Once again I got ahead of myself with putting up my frog tape… I just love this and it made me want to come home and repaint my mantle.

While this is a project that I love I will caution the DIYers out there. You need to make sure you use a durable paint and quality sealer on bathroom cabinets. They get the more wear than most things in your home. Take your time and make sure you prep, prep, prep. A great alternative would be to have me give you a free, no obligation quote :).

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